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Our Story

Cherished By You is a handcrafted personalised jewellery business by Guernsey designer Claire Main.


We make personalised jewellery which is uniquely yours. From traditional shapes which clearly show the hand, finger, foot or paw print of your loved our more subtle range where the fingerprint forms part of the design pattern. Not forgetting the everyday essentials.

The jewellery is handcrafted in our Guernsey studio, so you can be sure you are buying a product made with care. Claire loves what she does and believes this is reflected in the quality of the workmanship of her jewellery.


It is important to us to ensure we are helping the environment. We use solar power to assist in reducing our carbon footprint, use recycled silver where possible and the majority of our packaging is recyclable. We are continuingly looking for ways to help the environment.

Our studio is located in the Forest parish on the beautiful island of Guernsey with lovely views of fields and the airport. We do not generally have visitors to the workshop, however should you be located in Guernsey and require assistance with taking a print for our personalised jewellery, we are more than happy to welcome you.

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Cherished By You Hi I'm Claire - Twitter

It is definitely a challenge balancing this business, working full time in finance and being a wife and mummy, but I make sure I get up around 5am and create then, or after work once my two children have gone to bed. Sometimes they even like to help me out in the workshop.

I first started by attending a silversmithing class at my local college in my 20s. However life took over and it was a number of years before I got back into jewellery making.


I guess you could say my passion restarted in 2016 when I was trying to find a gift for my difficult to buy for husband and after a Eureka moment, I made him cufflinks with our children's fingerprints.Four years later and I'm still finding it fun and even therapeutic. I simply love making jewellery and am learning news ways of styling and shooting all the photographs whilst continuing to design new collections.


I often get told by my customers that it means so much to them to be able to carry around a little piece of their loved ones, whether they be near or far, or no longer with them.

One highlight was making a custom ring for a colleague with their children's fingerprints on. It was the first ring I had made, along with the first stone I had added to a piece of jewellery. I was really pleased with the result, despite it taking several attempts to get it to work.


My biggest 'go me' moment to date is when I launched the Guernsey Flag Necklace on Liberation Day and a lady messaged me on Facebook asking for the old Guernsey Flag. I initially said no but I love a good challenge and figured out how to create it for her.

Each order means so much to me so thank you to all my lovely customers for supporting me and buying handmade.

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