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Sterling silver is a metal containing at least 92.5% silver with the remaining content being other metals, usually copper.  Sterling silver is prone to tarnishing as the copper in it reacts with air to form a layer of copper sulphide, which is the tarnish. 

Over time silver will naturally tarnish however, silver will tarnish quicker under certain circumstances, such as high humidity, contact with hairspray, cosmetics, perfume, body lotion, bleach or deodorant to name a few.  It can also react with the acids in your skin or perspiration. 

Remember to remove jewellery when applying makeup, perfume, washing your hands etc.  Ensure that you have removed all the soap from your hands and they are thoroughly dry before replacing your jewellery.  

To remove the tarnish you can polish it with a soft cloth which has been specially impregnated.  These cloths are available to purchase from us from the following link:

If your silver piece has become damaged it may not be possible to repair it and may need to be made again from scratch.

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